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1025 Bactericide

The product is directly added to the coating products according to 0.1 % ~ 0.2 %, fully stirred evenly, the content of free formaldehyde can reach the national limit standard, the best use effect below 40℃!
Product Description

Coating preservative LF-1025

LF-1025 is an economical product developed by our company according to the needs of users, which is suitable for anti-mold and anti-corrosion inside the tank. It has the advantages of safety, high efficiency, broad spectrum, long duration and easy use, which can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of various bacteria, molds and yeasts to prevent various coatings from mildew, odor, blackening, acid and viscosity decline caused by microorganisms during storage and use.

  1. Product quality index:

Quality indicator Name                        Quality indicator range

Appearance                                       colorless to light green liquid

Active substance content (%)                           ≥2.5

pH value (stock solution)                                 2.0 ~ 4.0

Free formaldehyde (%)                                         ≤2

2. Inhibitory effect on microorganisms

(1) Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) for common spoilage and mildew microorganisms:

Microbial strain          Minimum inhibition concentration (ppm)

Aspergillus Niger                              50

E. coli                                                 20

Penicillium rope                                 30

Staphylococcus aureus                      60

Coccidioides                                       50

Bacillus subtilis black var.                   80

Penicillium citri                                   20

Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 120

Aspergillus variegatus                         50

Bacillus pneumoniae                           60

Toxicity data

Acute oral toxicity test (mice) : LD50=4500㎎/㎏; Skin irritation test (rabbit) : LD50=6500㎎/㎏; Eye mucosa irritation test (rabbit) : 0.6% diluent had no irritation to eye mucosa; Mutagenicity, teratogenicity and carcinogenesis test: the test of mutagenicity, teratogenicity and carcinogenesis proved that feeding mice were negative.

4. Usage method and characteristics:

(1) The product is directly added to the coating product according to 0.1% ~ 0.2%, fully stirred evenly, the content of free formaldehyde can reach the national limit standard, the best use effect below 40℃!

(2) This product is easy to use, stable performance, safe and reliable, no irritation to the skin and eye mucosa at the use concentration, no pollution to the environment. This product has excellent compatibility, can be used with a variety of surfactants (except primary amine, secondary amine, sulfide).

(3) Each product needs its own unique anti-corrosion system to ensure its anti-corrosion effect. Therefore, every newly developed or improved product needs to undergo challenging tests to ensure its anti-corrosion effectiveness.

5. Packing and storage:

Plastic drum, 25 kg/drum, moisture and light environment, effective storage period of 1 year.

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