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HC-02LL Silicone Resin

Organosilicone resin
 Overview:
Silicone resin is a high polymer, a light yellow powder, used for the production of water-based multi-color coatings, which greatly improves the problem of particle hardening during the storage process of water-based multi-color paint, improves the stability between batches, has excellent permeability resistance, and has a high wrapping property for colored sand and color paste.

 Typical physical properties:
Appearance: Light yellow granular powder
 Application scope:
Paper peritoneal agent, ceramic industry glaze, colorful paint.
Usage: High speed dispersion in water-based system.
Addition amount: 1.1% ~ 3% is recommended. However, the actual amount of addition needs to be based on the actual use of the site
 Performance advantages of water-based colorful coatings
1, and the base paint emulsion has a cross-linking effect, effectively reduce the amount of protective glue added, cost
2, improve the cohesion of the basic paint, strong anti-seepage color ability.
3, the particle toughness is strong, the production is easy to control, effectively reduce broken particles.
4, completely solve the problem of hardening and shrinking of particles during storage.
5, the particles are round and full, clear, spread well, sand coating ability is strong.
6. Strong compatibility with emulsion and additives
 Packing and storage
Packing: Drum net weight 20Kg
Storage: Dry at room temperature (5℃ ~ 40℃) to avoid direct sunlight, shelf life of 12 months
 Precautions:
Wear protective glasses, protective gloves, masks and other protective tools when operating.
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