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HK-10 Anti-mold Agent

Product Description

HK-10 anti-virus algaecide


HK-10 is a broad spectrum liquid mildew prevention and depth-control agent for water and oil based on organic sulfur and nitrogen derivatives. This product has low irritability in net taste, no formaldehyde and zero VOC. It conforms to the green paint standard, EU EN71 standard and IKEA furniture standard, and can effectively prevent the adhesion and contamination of paint film by fungi, yeast and algae in a high microbial environment even in a humid environment with low additive amount.

Physicochemical properties

Appearance    light yellow transparent liquid, slight characteristic odor

PH (25℃) 4±3

PH (25℃) 4±3

Solubility (25℃)  Partially dissolved in water, completely dissolved in low molecular alcohol and glycol.

Foaming (DIN 53902)  no foam.

Instructions for use

Recommended dosage :1-6%, higher in protein, casein, and similar high nutrient systems.

The optimal addition amount and its compatibility depend on laboratory tests under real product conditions;

HK-10 requires that the temperature should not be higher than 50℃, pH < 9 environment, strong oxidant, reducing agent, mercaptan will lead to degradation of active ingredients, should be careful to use sulfurous substances.

Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC/ppm)

Flavonoid 400  Blackberries  450

Penicillium tangerine 300  Coccidioides 600

Trichoderma viridis 1200.  Trichoderma viridis 750

Huang Jie wife Material Mold 360  Aspergillus Niger 450

Active ingredient license

Directive 98/8/EC and Regulation (EU) No .528/2012

European Union Logo (CLP00)


Security marker

R-phrase: R36/38, R52/53

S-phrase: S36/37/39: S61。

For more safe operation suggestions, obtain the material safety data sheet.

Transportation and storage

Personal protection: Wear rubber gloves, goggles and other protective equipment, such as contact immediately with soap and plenty of water!

Packaging and storage: 25kg, 200kg, IBC plastic bucket, sealed storage at room temperature for 12 months

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