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HY-01 Special Silicate

Lithium magnesium silicate protective adhesive
 Overview:
The main component of the protective adhesive is lithium magnesium silicate, which is a kind of clay mineral. Through artificial synthesis, it has structural characteristics such as lattice replacement, electronegativity, ion exchange, hydrophilic expansion, etc. It can disperse into a gel with water-containing network structure in water, and has good characteristics such as suspension agent, dispersion, thixotropy, thickening and adsorption. Widely used in building materials, daily chemical, composite materials and medicine and other fields.
 Chemical Technical index:
Appearance White powder
PH 8.0-10.0
Hydration rate (10%) ≤10min
Incandescent weight loss % ≤17
Drying weight loss % ≤8
Heavy metal (Pb meter) % ≤0.0015
Arsenic (As) % ≤0.0003
Particle size (dry) 95% <325mesh(45um)
Moisture <15%
Stable temperature above 400℃
 Application scope:
Daily chemical supplies, medical supplies, latex paint, thick pulp paint, waterborne wood paint, colorful paint.
Use of building materials:

Add amount: 0.1% ~ 10% is recommended. However, the actual amount of addition needs to be based on the actual use of the site

 Packing and storage
Packing: Drum net weight 20Kg,25kg.
Storage: Dry at room temperature (5℃ ~ 40℃) to avoid direct sunlight, shelf life of 12 months
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