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JA-004 polyurethane thickening and leveling agent

Product introduction

JA004 products are the use of foreign advanced production technology and equipment and high quality imported chemical raw materials production of polyurethane, hydrophobic groups modified non-ionic associated thickening, leveling double-effect products. It does not contain organic solvent, does not contain organic tin compounds, is a non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection rheological modification agent.

JA004 products not only have excellent high shear viscosity thickening effect, and its thickening system has excellent fluidity and leveling property, widely used in a variety of latex paints, adhesives and other water-based systems, especially a variety of high school grade internal and external waterborne architectural coatings, waterborne industrial paints, waterborne ink, waterborne adhesives and petrochemical water treatment systems. The rheological characteristics of Newtonian flow are close to that of Newtonian flow, which is especially suitable for water-based systems that require high rheological, flow and thickening effects.

In the design of water-based building and industrial latex paints, the leveling properties and viscosity at high shear rates are directly related to the characteristics and effects of latex paint roller coating. The viscosity at high shear rate is related to the feel characteristics of the brush coating, film forming performance, density and consistency of film thickness, and directly affects the life span, water resistance, stain resistance and scrubbing resistance of the film. The excellent thickening efficiency and leveling effect of JA004 products at high shear rate are the reliable guarantee of the performance of the above-mentioned water-based latex paints.

Compared with similar products in domestic and international markets, JA004 products have the characteristics of high efficiency and high shear viscosity thickening efficiency, no organic solvents and organotin compounds harmful to the environment and human health. Its product performance and use effect completely reach or even exceed the import of similar products.

◆ Product characteristics

Main performance characteristics of JA004 products used in water-based paint:

Excellent use effect:

Good brush feel, excellent roller spatter resistance, water resistance, alkali resistance, scrubbing resistance, stain resistance and water separation resistance.

Outstanding finish appearance:

Excellent flow, leveling performance and hiding effect, uniform film thickness and film fullness, does not affect the glossy characteristics of the film.

Excellent environmental quality:

No organic solvents, no harmful components of organic tin and inorganic heavy metals, non-toxic and tasteless, safe to use, does not increase the content of organic volatile matter in water-based latex paint.

Simple way to add:

Low viscosity liquid products that can be easily added at any stage of paint production without dilution or alkali neutralization prior to use. Flow leveling and thickening properties can be achieved in an instant.

Wide pH range:

Nonionic association thickener, its own performance is basically not affected by pH value, can be used in a wide range of pH.

Reliable biological stability:

Resistance to microbial and enzymatic degradation

◆ The physical and chemical properties of the product

The following are typical data and should not be regarded as specifications


Physical and chemical properties

Chemical type

Non-ion-associated type

External view

Cloudy milky white or translucent liquid

Active component


Soluble agent


pH value

5 – 7


1.04 g/cm3(25℃)


≤4000 mPa·s(25℃)


The high shear viscosity efficiency of this product has a simple linear proportional relationship with the amount of use, which is determined according to the customer's formula design. The recommended addition amount is 0.1% ~ 2.0% of the total formula. Customers can also according to the production, storage, construction and film on the different requirements with other types of thickeners used to achieve the rheological properties of the formula design requirements.

◆ Packaging and storage

Packaging: 25kg, 60kg and 200kg plastic drum packaging, can be used according to customer requirements of other forms of packaging.

Storage: The product should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse under closed conditions. Certain anti-freezing measures should be taken during storage and transportation in winter (if frozen, properly stirred after defreezing, no granular crystallization can continue to be used after inspection).

Validity: two years.

◆ Transportation

This product does not belong to chemical dangerous goods, according to the transport regulations of non-dangerous chemicals


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