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N-690 thickener for paint

【 Product Introduction 】

N-690 coating thickener is developed for building coatings, this product has excellent stability, high cost performance, and is widely used

Building paint, waterproof paint, etc.; Alkali swelling and association thickener can be partially or completely replaced.

[Product technical index]

Chemical composition: acrylic polymer

Product appearance: Milky white to beige viscous liquid

Ionizing type: anion

Solid content: 75%±2

P H value: 6.5-7

Dosage: 0.5%-1.5%

[Product Characteristics]

1, easy to use, do not need to add APM-95 multifunctional additives to adjust PH value, the addition amount is only alkali solubilization, association type thickening

30-50% of the dose.

2, a wide range of applications, with all kinds of acrylic emulsion, EVA emulsion compatibility.

3, stability is super good, thickening good system in 0-60℃ preservation does not dilute, does not stink.

4, safety and environmental protection, no formaldehyde /APEO and other harmful ingredients.

【 Packing Specification 】60KG

【 Note 】

1. Non-hazardous chemical products belonging to environmental protection, non-toxic and pollution-free. In the process of storage, transportation and use, comply with the general chemical operation rules.

2. Store in a cool, ventilated and dry environment.

3. Stir well before use and do not dilute with water.


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