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PT-86 Anti-mold Agent for Paint Film

Product Description

PT-86 Anti-mold agent for paint film

Mechanism and remarkable characteristics of algal extermination

PT-806 is a broad spectrum mildew repellent algaecide based on octylisolinone and imidazoles mildew repellent, which can effectively prevent mildew, remove algaecide and resist high temperature.

Suitable for mildew proof coating, special mildew proof coating, acrylic pigment, adhesive, leather and paper system.

Physicochemical index

Active components benzimidazole, octylisothiazolinone

Appearance  white emulsion, slight characteristic odor

PH (25℃) "1% water solution) 6-8

Stromer viscosity (KU)  70-90

Solubility (25℃) insoluble in water, low molecular alcohol and ethylene glycol Etc., can be dispersed in the system, there are bubbles.

Packing specification

The standard packaging of this product is 25g, 200g and IBC plastic drums, or packaging can be adopted according to user's needs.

The shelf life is 12 months in direct sunlight and room temperature, and the production date is the same batch number

Instructions for use

It is recommended to add 0.2-1.5%, depending on the protection needs of different kinds of emulsion and different products, but also affected by different microbial infection degree.

The dosage should be adjusted according to different conditions of different products: before use, pay attention to the PH value of the system, and avoid remaining reducing substances and nucleophilic substances in the system.

Our testing center can help customers test to get the recommended dosage under special formula

Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC/ppm)

Staphylococcus aureus  1500  monascus 600

Pseudomonas putida 2000  E. coli 2000

Aspergillus flavus 600  Candida albicans 1500

Penicillium 800  Aspergillus Niger   400

Matters needing attention

Personal protection: This product should avoid direct contact with eye sunshine!

Once contact, should immediately flush with plenty of water, can not be delayed!

Do not contact with skin for a long time.

Wear protective glasses and acid gloves during manual operation

Storage method: During the storage process, the product should not contact with reducing metals (such as metal iron, aluminum, etc.), and should not contact with oxidizing and reducing substances.

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