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Mineral oil defoamer SS-605 product manual

Product description

SS-605 defoamer is an oil-in-water defoamer. Recommended industries for paint industry, water-based adhesive, ink, etc


● The substance composition does not contain the substances mentioned in the SVHC list in REACH;

● Good compatibility with the application system, with lasting bubble elimination performance, stable storage period.


● It consists of natural oil, wax and emulsifier.

Typical product data

Physical property

Physical and chemical properties

Test method


White or slightly yellow uniform milky liquid at room temperature, no precipitate, no visible mechanical impurities

Visual inspection

Viscosity (25℃/mPa·s)


25℃, 3#, 6rpm

Note: The above data are for reference only and are not used as technical indicators.

Usage method

(1) SS-605 is a mixture, belonging to the thermodynamically unstable system, after a long time may appear stratification or a little precipitation, which is a normal phenomenon. It is recommended that users stir a little before use, so as not to affect the use effect (stirring speed is 30rpm-60rpm).

(2) This product can not be diluted with water. If diluted with water, it may lead to delamination, which will reduce the effect of defoaming, and eventually lead to an increase in the use cost. The company is not responsible for this.

(3) When this product is used on site, it is recommended to add the defoamer where it is easily dispersed.

The best adding point, adding amount, adding way and dilution ratio need to be decided by the customer according to the actual situation of the field test.

Packaging and storage

This product uses 25KG plastic bucket, 200KG plastic bucket or 1000KG ton box packing, or customized according to customer requirements. This product should be stored in a dry and cool place, not in the sun or near the heat source. In case of fire, extinguish the fire in accordance with the general method of petroleum products.

The shelf life is 6 months from the date of production under the condition of unopened packaging at the recommended storage temperature (5℃~40℃).


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