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SZ-WJ307Inorganic Hybrid Inorganic Silicone Resin

Product Description

SZ-WJ307 Inorganic hybrid inorganic silicone resin

Main features of the product:

(1) Modified potassium silicate up to 5.8 modulus

(2) Rapid film formation and excellent storage

(3) Flame retardant and fire retardant grade A, high scrubbing resistance

(4) arbitrary color, compatibility and storage excellent water resistance and salt-out resistance of potassium silicate

Product application scope

Water-based inorganic coatings various penetration primers.

Inorganic cured floor. Weather resistant cladding

Chemical technical index

Appearance:                   White liquid

Non-volatile component :                28%

Na2O content :                        0.2

R1 content :                         0.05%

R1 content :                          0.04%

Viscosity 25°C(coated 4 cups):          ≤28

Product module :                      5.8

Specific gravity :                      1.19-1.21

Particle size :                         10-20 nm

pH value                             10-11

Product storage

The products are stored indoors in the dark, in the original packaging between 5℃ and 35℃. The shelf life of the products is 12 months from the date of production.

Product packaging

50kg/ barrel, 250kg/ barrel, customized packaging.


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