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XP-603 water-based defoamer


Coating defoamer based on mineral oil


1. Control foam generation during coating production, packaging and application

2 Has good compatibility with a wide range of systems

3 Lasting validity period

4 is effective over a wide PH range


Waterborne coatings, latex paint, adhesives, starch, surface coatings of casein and synthetic latex, PVC suspension resin and emulsion.

Usage and recommended dosage :XP-603 direct use, do not dilute, do not layer. It is recommended to add the pigment in stages. During the pigment dispersion process, 1/3 to 2/3 of the amount is added first, and the rest is added later. The following amounts are recommended for some typical water-based paints: Matte paints 0.1-0.3% mercerizing and semi-matte paints 0.1-0.3% adhesives 0.1-0.2%

When using the product for the first time, add the lowest amount until the best effect, stir or shake thoroughly before use (the stratification in the storage process will not affect the use effect).

Physical Properties:

Appearance: Light yellow to dark yellow liquid

Specific gravity (25° C) : 0.87-0.91

Viscosity (25° C) : 100-1000 cm

Features: uniform liquid, good storage stability, fast debubbling and bubble suppression effect, not affected by extreme temperature and pressure.

Packaging and storage: 25kg/ plastic bucket stored in a ventilated, cool place.


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